October 1, 2020

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5 vital documents corps members MUST take to Orientation camp

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5 vital documents corps members MUST take to Orientation camp

The Important Items/Document For NYSC Camp – this is to inform all prospective Corps member the five (5) necessary and important documents that is always needed in orientation camp during internal supervision. So, if you’re eligible to participate in the NYSC 2019 Batch C orientation programs, here are five credentials you must take to the camp.

Going for the National Youth Service Corps NYSC requires prospective corps members to take certain credentials with them to camps.

These documents are so essentials that no corps member will be allowed to participate in any activities in the NYSC scheme without them.

  1. Call up letter

Your Call up Letter is the most important credentials you must not forget to take to the camp. It is a vital document for camp registration as it serves as the only evidence that you are a prospective corps member and not in the camp to impersonate anyone.

The Call-up letter will be taken from you and returned later, however, DO NOT laminate this letter.

  1. Final year ID card

Your final year ID card is another essential credential you’ll be requested to present at the camp. This, of course, is meant to confirm your studentship and avoid impersonation.

Note that it must be the ID card your school authorities issued in your final year, not the ones you used in your early years at the university or polytechnic.

  1. Notification/Statement of Result

The statement of result from your school is also an essential document no prospective corp member can do without. Your school will provide you with this before leaving for the camp, so make sure you get yours.

  1. Medical report

The medical report is very important for prospective corps members who have a reason to seek redeployment.

If you are posted to a state and you need to redeploy to serve in another state that is close to your family on health ground, the camp officials will ask you to provide your medical reports before your redeployment can be processed.

  1. Passport photographs

Make sure you take as many Passports photographs as you can, about 20 in red backgrounds. You would need them at every registration point at the camp.


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5 vital documents corps members MUST take to Orientation camp




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