October 1, 2020

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GEEP Free Loan Application 2020/2021: Steps on How to Apply/Register for FG Free Loan

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GEEP Loan Application 2020/2021, Steps on How to Apply or Register for Government Enterprise and Empowerment Programme (GEEP) Free Loan 2020/2021 – GEEP Loan Application is currently ongoing for all that needs it to apply. The loan in question is free of charge that is to say no additional payment is needed to obtain the loan. The loan in question include the following: Trader Moni, Market Moni, Farmer Moni and Npower Loan.

What is GEEP Loan?

The GEEP Loan was introduced by the President Buhari led administration which has help millions of Nigerians stand on their own, have something doing and also improve their already existing skills/business.  Traders, artisans, market men and women, farmers, graduates and undergraduates have benefited from the Nigerian geep scheme for the past years.

What are the Aims and Objectives of GEEP

GEEP aims at targeting the Micro, Small and Medium businesses which are the foundation of the Nigerian economy. Once these small businesses are funded with capital the economy will trigger back to life.

Geep Loan Application

Do you have a business idea or plan, but don’t have a startup capital, are you in a business already, but don’t have capital to explain, worry no more because geep is here to assist you.

GEEP has four different categories that will benefit every Nigerian

They include

  • Trader moni loan
  • Market mini loan
  • Farmer mini loan
  • Npower programme.

Trader moni and market moni : A small kiosk owner, food stuff seller, bread seller, mai shai, wheel barrow pusher, mobile tailor, mobile cobbler, fruits seller, keke rider, etc,  can apply as long as you adhere to the refunding back policy to get you to the next level.

NOTE- that market moni are for business registered with Cooperate Affairs Commission(C.A.C) and has RC number.

Farmer moni: This is for applicants who is engaged in any agro-based activities, like crop production, animal production, aquaculture and processing/value added activities.

BOTH TRADER MONI, MARKET MONI AND FARMER MONI application portal and form is open and currently on going.

Npower programme:  Npower is one of the four GEEP initiated by FG to eradicate poverty and reduce unemployment rate. Npower portal will be open soon.

Steps on How to Successfully Register & Apply for GEEP Loan 2020/2021

To register and apply successfully for the ongoing GEEP Loan either in form of Trader Moni, Farmer Moni and Market Moni, Click Here for a faster application.

Currently, Npower Application is been done ONLY on the Npower official website, and to register or apply visit www.npower.gov.ng

Better ways to be updated regularly on all important information as regards to GEEP Loan Application

GEEP Free Loan Application 2020/2021: Steps on How to Apply/Register for FG Free Loan

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