November 27, 2020

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How to makes A’s in 2020 Waec Exams; See what to Do

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For Better Result on this Waec, Avoid this four tips – There are numerous things that makes students both in Primary, Secondary and Tertiary (University) fail examination which is what we will tackle on this page below. After this you don’t to fail your Exams again.

It is now an issue of concern how that students after being taught fail exams. Examinations only test your ability to reproduce information being passed to you.

Reasons why people fail school examinations

The reasons for failure in exams could be :

  • Inattentiveness: Your ability to be attentive to what you’re being taught increases your tendency to understand and reproduce. Hence, boosting your chances in examinations.
  • Anti-Study habits: Many students think their memories have unlimited span time I.e. no information can be lost from their memory. But that’s a limiting belief. Our brain is like a buffer, it holds information temporarily, and when you don’t visit it consistently, it will be lost in the long run.
  • Nonchalance towards assigned school works: Research has shown that students who blaze trails in examinations are those who after learning, made it a dare responsibility to attempt class works and homework’s given. The more practice on a thing increases expertise.
  • Rush hour preparation: Many students only prepare for examinations few weeks to the actual examination. Hence, resulting in Brain congestion and reduced brain containing ability. But a good student prepares from the very first day of resumption, gets subject/course outline, reads ahead of the lecturer, attempts sample questions and only revises when it’s close to examination.

Every student has the ability to excel academically.  Although, it’s an innate ability that needs to worked out.

Poor academic performance is self-made and you can work on it.

Better ways to be updated regularly on Waec update 2020


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