October 30, 2020

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How to withdraw without ATM card through Xpress Cash Withdrawal

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Cardless withdraw: How to withdraw without ATM cardDo you want to know how to withdraw without an ATM card? Do you want to send money to your loved ones or withdraw but you don’t have ATM card? Do you want to know how to withdraw cash with mobile phone and not debit card? This is what we call ‘Cardless Withdraw’. Nigeria is indeed developing and today there is an invention of Xpress Cash by banks to enable one withdraws without ATM card.

Today, one can use mobile phone to withdraw cash from an ATM machine other than inserting ATM card (Debit card). With Xpress Cash, you can send money to your loved ones as well as withdraw any amount you wish to.

This update was given to us by Ecobank on how to withdraw without card which they tagged cardless withdraw. They emphasized on it and said that one can withdraw any amount through Xpress Cash without ATM card but mobile phone.

Security aspect: How secured it is to withdraw without ATM card

The solution is seamless, secure and is driven by the generation of a code (e-token) by an account holder via the bank’s USSD code *326# or mobile app, Ecobank Mobile.  The e-token can be sent to customers, non-customers and even people without bank accounts for cash withdrawal at all Ecobank ATMs nationwide.

Speaking in Lagos, Head, Consumer Banking, Olukorede Demola-Adeniyi said, “Digital payments are fast evolving. Customers want seamless experience across channels. We are committed to providing suitable options for our customers. Forgetting your card at home should not be a showstopper when you need cash.”

She went on to explain that the concept recognises the needs of the unbanked. In her words, “With Xpress Cash, our customers can send money to their loved ones who are not even banked. You can send money to your domestic servants or unbanked staff just by generating a code and sharing the code.”

“As a bank, we are not only keen to make our services accessible, but also affordable. Xpress Cash attracts only a flat charge of N50. Our USSD code, *326# offers zero session charges; and transfers of N5000 or less using our digital channels are absolutely free of charge. Also, people abroad who need to send money to their loved ones can do so without paying transfer charges using the Rapidtransfer app,” she said.

In recap, this implies that one can easily send a unique code to someone as a means of payment. What the person needs to do is just to go to the ATM machine and press the code then money will come out.

Charges are not too high when compared the charges of using ATM card and challenges one faces when card is rejected (not smart), expired or even swollen by the machine.

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