October 1, 2020

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NCS Result Checker/The next stage after NCS Aptitude Test Examination 2019/2020

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Nigeria Customs Service

NCS Result Checker for Aptitude Test Examination 2019/2020 – NCS, Nigeria Customs Service has so many stages after the CBT Aptitude Test Examination. This is mainly the essence of this article to guide on what to do to avoid missing out. The federal government really want to fulfill all they were supposed to do previous years to instigate more happiness and free mindset in the minds of their followers or citizens. SEE THE NEXT STAGE AFTER NCS APTITUDE TEST

NCS Recruitment Stages and Guidelines that will help you get the job

There are four main stages to follow to enable you get the job, it include:

Phase 1 – Online Application: This is the first phase or stage where all qualified and interested candidates register online successfully and prints their registration form online.

Phase 2 – Screening, Documentation Review and Application Status: This second stage or phase takes place as soon as registration closes. This is where the NCS Officials in-charge of the recruitment takes time to review all applications submitted online. Then, those found worthy would be shortlisted.

Phase 3 – Aptitude Test Screening Examination (CBT): The Third Phase or stage is where Aptitude Test or Examination is been conducted to all those who were shortlisted to enable them chose the most qualified ones for the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) Recruitment.

Phase 4 – Medicals Screening: The Fourth Phase or stage is where those who passed the examination or aptitude test are been shortlisted for medical examination or screening. After the completion of this medical examination, those who are adjudge qualified are been shortlisted on the Final List of Shortlisted Candidates for Nigeria Customs Service (NCS). Congratulations to you if you get to this stage.

What is the next stage after NCS Aptitude Test Examination 2019/2020

The next stage after NCS Aptitude Test Examination is Interview/Medical Screening. This is where you will be invited to the main office for oral interview or written. Also, you will be examined both physically, mentally, medically and otherwise. Lots of test will be carried such as HIV test, PCV, Blood Group, Genotype etc. or you maybe asked to come along with Doctor’s Medical Fitness Letter.

Most at times, they only access you physically and orally and tell you to go that will get back to you. This also include, checking your documents, knowing if your documents are correct and original, checking your date of birth.

Note: any manipulation or mutilation will lead to disqualification. We always advise you go with the original documents (all your qualifications and credentials) then with photocopies. The original will be for sighting while be taken from you.

If you are qualified for the physical or oral interview, you will be invited for Medical Screening.

The medical is the last stage before the final list of shortlisted candidates will be released.

How to know if you are qualified for the next stage of NCS Recruitment

One of the ways to check if you are qualified for the next stage is by checking your result here using NCS RESULT CHECKER.

Also, same invitation message you received as SMS as well mail in your Email address will be sent. Always check your Email

When will the SMS/Mail or the list of successful candidates for NCS Recruitment be released?

It will be released soon, but for updates, kindly subscribe to this site using your Email address for more updates

NCS Result Checker/The next stage after NCS Aptitude Test Examination 2019/2020

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