October 30, 2020

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NYSC Batch C 2019 News Update on Online Registration Date, Mobilization Time Table and Orientation Camp – portal.nysc.gov.ng

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NYSC Batch C 2019 News Update on registration, mobilization, timetable and orientation camp – Many have been asking lots of questions if NYSC Batch C will definitely hold, when the online registration will start and mobilization timetable. Some persons have also asked when is Batch C likely to go for service that is to Orientation Camp. Actually this post will direct you more on that and update you more to avoid missing out on anything.

Since NYSC Batch B Stream II orientation camp was shifted to August 20, 2019, many persons have been calling us if Batch C 2019 will still hold.

The answer is this, there will be NYSC Batch C 2019 Stream I and Stream II Registration.

When is NYSC Batch C 2019 Online Registration starting?

NYSC Batch C 2019 online registration will start from October. Therefore, all PCMs (Prospective Corps Members) should start putting things in place

What you must do before NYSC Batch C 2019 Online Registration starts

If your name is on NYSC Senate List, you are eligible for registration, anytime registration starts you can register.

What if my name is on NYSC Senate List and I did not wish to join Batch C

There is no issue, as far as your name is on NYSC Senate List, you can register anytime or join any batch you wish to join.

My age is above 30 years but I want to go for service, what should I do?

If your age is above 30 years and you really want to serve your fatherland before is too late, kindly Click Here

JAMB Regularization Issues and Questions and Answers

Did you do JAMB Regularization and wish to ask questions or check if you have been notified, kindly Click Here

Any NYSC related questions you wish to ask

Kindly ask any question relating to NYSC using the comment box below as it serves as a forum for every PCMs and Corps members to relate and tackle the questions together

How To be regularly updated on all you need to know about NYSC Batch C 2019

NYSC Batch C 2019 News Update on Online Registration Date, Mobilization Time Table and Orientation Camp – portal.nysc.gov.ng

152 thoughts on “NYSC Batch C 2019 News Update on Online Registration Date, Mobilization Time Table and Orientation Camp – portal.nysc.gov.ng

    1. please what if your name is out for service but there an error beneath your passport, how do you go about to tackle the problem? Are you going to re-upload another passport or what. pls I need urgent answer.

      1. If you are told to reupload your passport then you do that… if not they have accepted the one you submitted

  1. please for foreign students, how do we prepare our selves for the batch c application? what documents are needed? and how do we apply for it? thanks

  2. Can I use my statement of result to apply for Masters while I’m on my service? if yes, what could likely be the procedures and requirements. if not, whar ‘re the reasons?

    1. Yes you can use your statement of results for masters. Meanwhile, the school will get transcript from your school in confirmation

  3. Please i was mobilized for batch b stream2 but didn’t register due to some reasons, can I still join batch c? And what must I do?

  4. Haven gotten cleared and SOR obtained, name on senate list and all but I don’t wanna go with Batch C because I’m working on something I can’t leave now, please I’d like to confirm can I register with batch A next year and go with them ?

  5. I’ve been mobilized and registered for batch be stream 2, they’ve deployed me also but I can’t travel to my state of deployment due to health issues. How do I go on about it? Will my name appear in batch c?

  6. Hello i think i ll be mobilized for batch c and i just got a job with an hotel..can i influence my posting there as am thinking of doing the job while serving to make ends meet

      1. Your Comment Here… I love the question that u just answered to. you said u can assist in working out such situation.
        what does it take my dear???

  7. Please, what if one registered in Batch B and was deployed but the person is not ready to go again due to some reasons can you follow batch C?

  8. Please I mobilized for nysc batch B stream II but the name on my call-up letter is different from the name on my school statement. please can i still revalidate and change my name so as to join batch C stream I

  9. Please I mobilized for nysc batch B streamII but the name on my call-up letter is different from the name on my school statement( correction of name). Please can I still revalidate and change my name so as to join batch c stream I

  10. Pls, can someone who will be 30 July next year still have the opportunity to service his fatherland from this coming November? That’s joining the Batch C

  11. i have been mbilized for batch b stream II but i couldn’t go due to health issues, so will i register again for batch c or what?

    1. I was posted to taraba for batch b stream 2 but I was not able to attend if I revalidate are they going to post me to another state ?

  12. I really wanted to go for batch b stream II, and my school said that they didn’t upload my name because I hadn’t submitted my transcript form. I’m confused because I kept asking them and they said nothing to me before that time. Pls is it still possible for me to go for this batch or do I have to wait for the next batch, because I’ve been very angry with my school for not informing me about this.

    1. just relax and join batch C… Try to make everything available and ready… Make sure your name is on Senate List

      1. Since batch c is stream 1 an 2 when likely will stream 1 enter camp and come out and when will stream 2 start registration?

  13. Please am trying to join the batch c group chat using the link posted but am not able it says the group is full, please i need this, can you help me out

    1. It depends on if your certificate will be out before registration commences… All the same, keep anticipating and see and if doesn’t work out, you can join the next batch comes next year

  14. For foreign students that wants to register for batch c, can we use either our ecowas passport or international passport for registration

  15. Your Comment Here…pls I want to join batch c WhatsApp group but the group is full already, what can I do to join so as to be getting updates

  16. I was posted to taraba for batch b stream 2 but I was not able to attend if I revalidate are they going to post me to another state ?

  17. Your Comment Here…please I was suppose to go to camp with batch B stream 2 but I didn’t….please I need guideline on how to go about my registration for batch C

  18. Your Comment Here…am a sickle cell patient and also have a baby but not married. I don’t want to go to camp coz of my health, what can I do?

  19. Good morning admin, please I am few months pregnant but will be wedding by January. I really want to go with the batch C, but since I don’t have my marriage certificate yet how do I go about it so I can stay in the same state with my husband?

  20. Pls as a foreign student can I use my provisional certificate to register for nysc?, if yes, then when is batch c registration starting?

  21. Pls, I’m suppose to go wit Batch B stream 11 but my entered error list. I went nd complain to my school nd they told me they are going to send later to Nysc office. D last time I called my school, I was told it was sent but no information from d Nysc yet. Pls hw do I go about it. Can I still join this batch c

    1. If you use marriage certificate, you will serve in your husband’s residence… You will go to camp but your medical report will make them to ask to go back

  22. HI,
    Good day,,please keep me posted when BATCH C nysc is on.over
    For someone 30yr will he still wait till expiration of service year b/4 it is issue his EXEMPTION CERTIFICATION/LETTER.

  23. HI.Good day, kindly keep me posted for the BATCH C this yesr 2019,
    I am 30yr above age to serve, but about i also want to know how the exemption certification /letter is issue to applicant ,could it be after completion of the nysc service year or other way .
    please elaborate on this sir/ma.
    Thanks lookforward to prompt reply.

  24. I got D7 in English language on my Waec result but although i did an English progamme in my school. I am a foreign graduate. What do i do now?

    1. Then how were you admitted with D7 in English… The fact is this, you could scare through as that’s not there main focus point

      1. Pls I got a direction from your page saying that someone who is above 30years may still make it to service. Could you please explain to me better?

    1. You have to go because mobilization is for both streams, and when you miss it you may lucky to appear on the next batch or definitely upper year. Think wise

  25. Good evening admin, my name has been out on the batch B Senate list. I am currently having issues with my notification of results ,due to my missing file. If I dont register with the batch c, will it still be possible for me to register with another batch or do I have to go to the school again for mobilization ?

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