May 25, 2020

NYSC Batch C Senate List 2019/2020: How to Check your name on Senate Verified and Approved List via


NATIONAL YOUTH SERVICE CORPS (NYSC) STEPS TO CHECK BATCH C SENATE APPROVED LIST FOR ALL NIGERIA UNIVERSITY – This article is written to assist all Prospective Corps Member (PCM) to check his/her name on the NYSC Senate List for NYSC Batch C Stream one and Stream two. Every prospective Corps candidate whose name was not shortlisted during Approved Batch B Mobilization due to error or incomplete clearance from the schooled Institution, and you have done all the necessities at your school, now is another chance, kindly follow the steps provided below to check your name on the Senate List to confirm if you’ve been mobilized for service. For the procedure and guidelines on how to check the new approved list, continue to read the details below.

Reasons why you must check your name on NYSC Senate List

NYSC Senate List is where every PCM name must appear to really confirm that you can register online. If your name is not on the list, it means you won’t be able to register online. Therefore, for you to be able to register for NYSC Batch A, B or C 2019/2020, you must first be mobilized and as well as details should be uploaded on NYSC Senate List. Try to Confirm and be Sure.

Requirements to check your name on the NYSC Senate List Batch C

  • Name of institution
  • Matriculation Number
  • Surname
  • Date of Birth – as used in school while mobilizing

Proper Steps on How to check your name or Details on the NYSC Senate List

  • To check your name on NYSC Senate List, Click
  • Select your Tertiary Institution
  • Type in your Matriculation Number on the space provided
  • Then fill your Date of Birth
  • Click Search Button – it will load and display your details if available

NYSC Orientation Camp Terms

Below are the common terms used in NYSC Orientation Camp, it include:

  1. PCM- Prospective Corp Member
  2. PPA- Place of Primary Assignment
  3. LGA- Local Government Area
  4. LI- Local Inspector
  5. ZI- Zonal Inspector
  6. CLO– Corper Liaison Officer
  7. CDS- Community Development Service
  8. SAED– Skill And Entrepreneurial Development
  9. SEC- Secretariat
  10. CC- Camp Commandant
  11. State Co-ordinator

Important Notice

Uploading of names is still ongoing. If your name is yet to be uploaded on the portal, your school might still be in the process of uploading. So you can keep checking back. Any complaint should be directed to your institution without delay.

When is NYSC Batch C Registration starting?

Kindly Click Here for Full Details on when it’s starting.

How to be updated regularly on NYSC related terms and other important tips you need to know for a successful Youth Service

NYSC Batch C Senate List 2019/2020: How to Check your name on Senate Verified and Approved List via

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