May 25, 2020

See the Current Method for Cake Baking, its Ingredients and Preparation process

See the Current Method for Cake Baking, its Ingredients and Preparation process-

This article will teach and guide you on how to make Cake without paying any teacher to assist you. The idea of learning this procedure is important because everybody need Cake at one time or the other. Cake can be used for wedding, Birthday, Anniversaries and many other ceremonial events. The procedure of how to make Cake  by your self is Contain in the article below. try it today or next!

The Ingredients for making Cake

  • Flour 1kg
  • Margarine 1kg
  • Sugar 1 cup
  • 18 raw eggs
  • Flavor
  • 1 sizable nutmeg
  • Half sachet mixed fruits
  • Browning (depending on how brown you want it to look like)
  • Brandy i.e kia kia
  • Milk (Optional)

Equipment needed for making cake

  • Bakery pan
  • Wooden spoon
  • Bowl
  • Oven (electric or local)

Method of Preparation of cake

Below are the steps that are involved in the mixing of Cake

  • Soft flour and measure into a clean dry bowl
  • Mix margarine/butter and Sugar to fluffy texture is a separation clean dry bowl
  • Add baking Power to soft flour and mix well.
  • Wash eggs break and whist with milk in another container
  • Add liquid to dissolve flavor to the above mixture
  • Add all mixture to the four maintaining anti clockwise direction to let into the mixture
  • Heat the Oven to high temperature for three minutes before baking
  • Then reduce the temperature after sometimes (about 20 minutes of baking and to complete baking until golden brown
  • Bring down to cool. Icing can be done the next day.


Icing process (royal Icing)

Ingredient for Icing

  • 1 packet of Icing sugar
  • Color of your choice
  • Flavor and flour
  • Raw egg

Equipment for making Icing

  • King pumps
  • Bowl
  • Egg whisker



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Procedure for Mixing the Ingredient for Icing

  • Break the eggs and Separate the Abdomen from the white part of egg. White part is needed for the icing
  • Whisk egg [white part] until it becomes foamy. Remove the foams.
  • Add flavor, icing sugar to the mixture.
  • Add color and mix until it forms starchy then add to the washed pumps and designing of your choice

Note: The major difference between queen cake and ceremonial cake is that fruit are soaked in brandy for about three days before baking day


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See the Current Method for Cake Baking, its Ingredients and Preparation process



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