SIWES Report Writing Steps: Samples, Procedures and Methods for a perfect Industrial Training (IT) Report

Industrial training

SIWES/Industrial Training (IT) Report Writing Steps, Procedures, Samples and Methods – It is a mandated fact that every student that embarked on Student Industrial Work Experience Scheme or one year, 6 months, 3 months Industrial Training (IT) must write a report of the activities carried out at the place of IT. Thus, there is need to know how to arrange, organize and make your report work look unique, which is indeed the essence of this article. Samples, procedures and methods on how to write a perfect Industrial Training Report or SIWES Report are well explained in this article. SEE FULL DETAILS BELOW.

Understanding What SIWES Report is all about?

SIWES, acronym for Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme is a compulsory program undergone by students in any tertiary institution to really understand the practical aspects of his or her field of study. It is undergone for duration of one (1) year, 6 months or 3 months as the case maybe and also depends on the program you are into. At the end of the program, every student is expected to give a report of what he or she has done in any institution he or she did the Industrial Training (IT).


Relevance/Importance of Industrial Training/SIWES

  • It broadens the knowledge of all students that participated in the program be it 1 year, 6 months or 3 months
  • It makes students observe all theoretical knowledge physically and see how it is done practically.
  • It makes students understand their field of study more than before
  • It gives students the opportunity to see how the world is outside school environment
  • It makes students get more knowledge and experience of what they will be in future before obtaining the certificate
  • It gives them opportunity to meet people
  • It teaches them to become professionals in their field after graduation

How to write SIWES/Industrial Training Report

SIWES or Industrial Training Report is always divided into four (4) chapters.

Chapter one: This is the introduction part where students are expected to write about the organization. The following are expected to be in it: History of the company, Organizational Structure of the company, Structure of the company, The title and the position of the officer responsible for your training and other necessary information about the company where you work.

Chapter Two: This comprises of all the activities carried out during the course of the programme. All the things you did are also expected to be in it. You are expected to arrange it based on the works in each unit of the organization. There is need to put pictures of the apparatus used as well descriptive features of all you know.

Chapter Three: In this chapter you are expected to put the problems encountered and how you solved it if there is. Also, you can add the relevance of the program.

Chapter Four: The content of this chapter is to summarize all you’ve done. You can write your conclusion of all that you observe and recommendation and possibly advice.

Writing Format for SIWES/Industrial Training (IT) Report

The general report format includes the following characteristics:

  • A4 format paper is more preferred to be used
  • Times New Roman Character could be more preferred as it makes work neater
  • Font-Size – 12 points or 14 is generally acceptable
  • Line spacing is 1.5 or 2.0 depending on how many pages you wish it should come out.

Sample of SIWES/Industrial Training (IT) Report

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SIWES Report Writing Steps: Samples, Procedures and Methods for a perfect Industrial Training (IT) Report

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